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Golden Years and Silver Linings book cover

Golden Years and Silver Linings

Is it too late in life for a second change at love?
Here are some early Amazon Reviews: 

"I have waited for a long time to read a sapphic story featuring women of my own age, & it is beautiful."⁠ -C.A. Smith 

"What a beautiful well written story this is! Such engaging main characters - I loved every page of it."⁠ -Spinga 

 "Well written and intelligent. . .A look back at what lesbians faced in the 70s and life now. Hot, sexy women over 65, rare in today’s lesbian literature. Both authors deserve recognition for this story."⁠ -Cam

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About Golden Years & Silver Linings

Release Date: August 14, 2023


eBook and Print formats

At age 68, Elizabeth contemplates the coming years with trepidation. She has fallen into a rut, especially in her home life with her husband. So she jumps on the opportunity of a couple of weeks alone in Palm Springs, away from the Seattle rain.

Christina has spent two years grieving the loss of her partner and is now ready to return to their vacation condo in Palm Springs.

Elizabeth’s and Christina’s lives are turned upside down by a chance meeting on a golf course. They instantly recognize each other from their love affair when they were graduate students in Liverpool, England in 1972.

As they revel in the tender reawakening of their love in maturity, can they navigate the complexity of their current lives, integrate their families, and finally be together?

About the Authors:

Linda M. Ford is the author of the romance novel, A Foreign Affair. Linda Ford was raised in London, UK. Her wanderlust started when her normally staid father whisked the family off to Pompeii. Having lived in England, France, and the USA, she now lives with her second-chance romantic partner and wife on Vancouver Island. She published her novel A Foreign Affair in 2022. She continues to enjoy travel.

Patricia Grayhall is the author of the award-winning memoir, Making the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and Medicine.

They have been together for over 20 years, their relationship also a second chance romance.

linda ford and patricia grayhall
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