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Synopsis of New Novel

Updated: Mar 29

She Writes Press has just given me the pub date for my new novel, June 3, 2025, for Pride Month. Here is the synopsis:

Sometimes life gives you a second chance for happiness and it’s worth fighting for.

Jo is an environmental attorney in Washington D.C. battling corporate polluters. Lauren is a young British woman just discovering her sexual identity. They meet in a pub in London in 1981 and have a brief and torrid affair. But Jo's ambition, the ocean and immigration barriers prevent a lasting relationship.

Despite this, they keep in touch, often writing long letters. Twenty-two years later, they meet again at Jo’s home in San Francisco when Lauren and her partner arrive from France for a holiday visit. Both Jo and Lauren are partnered with troublesome women and unhappy in their relationships. Not surprisingly, they long for each other.

This volatile mix comes to a head when the two couples camp together in Yosemite National Park. Dramatic events bring Jo and Lauren together, but not without trauma separating from their partners.

Though they are motivated to fight for a life together, the pair do not live happily ever after. They struggle with a world that does not recognize same-sex couples for immigration. Barrier after barrier prevent them from settling in either of their home countries. It is 2003 and there is no country in which they can live together legally. The question is: How much are each willing to sacrifice to be together? And will they succeed?


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