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What a journey!

Updated: Mar 29

Last night I got to reflect on my journey from attending my first Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference virtually in 2020 as a completely novice writer to becoming a 2023 finalist for the Nancy Pearl Best Book Award for Memoir. It was also affirming to see thirty copies of Making the Rounds put out for sale by Barnes and Noble right up front in the exhibit hall.

I went from an avid attendee at PNWA workshops soaking up new knowledge to this year’s PNWA presenter of a workshop on writing memoir. I also gave four twenty-minute workshops on determining the arc of your story that were also well received.

This year’s conference was a great opportunity to connect with other writers in person including new upcoming writers and Unpublished Author winners Carol Odell and Darwyn Carson, my fellow Nancy Pearl Best Book finalist Gretchen Staebler, fellow She Writes authors Beth Mathews and Barbara Teraeo and all those who attended my workshops. Plus those ad hoc encounters in the hallways, the reception, dinner and other presentations.

Conferences are a great way to learn, network and volunteer to give back to the writing community. Thank you PNWA!


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